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Sault Ste. Marie wears RED!

Thank you Sault Ste. Marie!

Last Friday, people from across our community joined together to fundraise and raise awareness for Congenital Heart Disease, also known as CHD.

Congenital Heart Disease is a general term for problems with the structure of the heart at birth. It is the leading heart defect in Canada, and affects 1 in 80-100 babies born every year!

This year, our amazing community got together to raise awareness for this disease and fundraise for a Fetal Heart Monitor for Sault Area Hospital. This vital equipment helps to monitor the baby and mom throughout pregnancy, and is especially important for pregnancies that are high-risk.

An enormous thank you to everyone for joining in and buying t-shirts, wearing red, buying red lollipops, putting up posters, selling cakes and more to raise money for this brilliant cause!!!

Donations are still rolling in, so stay tuned to find out how much was raised!!

If you would like to donate, it's not too late. Go to to help us fund a new Fetal Monitor for Sault Area Hospital.

Here are some of the brilliant photos from Friday:




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