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Station Mall LCBO group win over $100,000

On May 29th at 11am, a group of Station Mall LCBO staff and their store security guard won $101,282.50 in the Sault Area Hospital Foundation’s (SAHF) May electronic and online 50/50 draw. The lucky number (G-6936785) was drawn electronically, and they were contacted immediately. The group, all residing from Sault Ste. Marie, ON, consists of Serge Sylvestre, Kevin Herbert, Anita Paci, Michael Maich, Ellen Panter, Colleen James, Robert Cadieux, Gavin McGoldrick, Michael Armitage, Debbie Wallace & Victoria Troinow. Each has won $9,207.50.

100% of ticket sales were made online to ensure the safety of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The group decided earlier in the week to pool their money and purchase $100 in tickets. “We saw the prize growing and it got us talking about supporting together. We thought it would be a great way to support our community and join the excitement as a group,” said Anita Paci who organized the group. “We on occasion purchase other lottery tickets together, but this one’s special because we know the funds are going to stay local to support our hospital. We were winning even if our ticket wasn’t pulled.”

The group has continued working through the present pandemic, deemed essential workers, as many stay home. “No matter who wins it’s exciting, but to see individuals who have been working while many of us stay home is incredible. Everyone’s support through this pandemic has been inspiring. We are showing that we will get through this together. We are setting records each month with our 50/50 draw and are seeing households commit to donate monthly,” says Teresa Martone, Executive Director of Sault Area Hospital Foundation. “We are ensuring we have outstanding healthcare close to home now and into the future.”

Each of the LCBO group has ideas as to how they are going to spend and save their winnings, but all of them agree that the amount staying local to support Sault Area Hospital is important. Since launching the 50/50 in November, the Sault Area Hospital Foundation with support from the SAH Volunteer Association has raised (including May’s estimates) nearly $250,000.

Proceeds from the first few draws have purchased an osmometer for the SAH Laboratory. It measures the concentration of a solution in blood or urine. It’s used to measure electrolytes, evaluate kidney function, and determine the volume of alcohol or drugs in a patient’s system so the healthcare team can best help them. These tests were used over 1,800 times in 2019 to help care for local patients. The results from the osmometer can help local physicians make life-saving treatment decisions.

The osmometer is just the first of many pieces that will be purchased with the proceeds of the monthly SAHF 50/50 draws. Stay tuned.

Tickets for SAHF’s June 50/50 draw remain on sale online only. The prize is guaranteed at $9,999, but (as seen this month) can grow much higher. Tickets will be available for purchase until June 29th at 9PM, and the draw will take place on June 30th at 11am.

SAHF 50/50 tickets are available for purchase across Ontario at Visit the page regularly and follow us on Facebook ( to stay up to date on how high the current prize is.

On behalf of the entire community, thank you for your continued support.

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