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Stephanie and Mitchell win record prize in SAH 50/50

On July 31st at 11am, Stephanie Cain and Mitchell Mannarino, both of Sault Ste. Marie, ON, won $207,645 in the Sault Area Hospital Foundation’s (SAHF) July electronic and online 50/50 draw. Their lucky number (I-1346774) was drawn electronically, and they were contacted immediately. Each will receive $103,822.50.

The two have been purchasing tickets together since January. This win is a jumpstart for their lives. “Mitchell just finished school and we have been saving up for a house. This is really going to help.” Says Stephanie, “We love supporting our community, it’s really important to us. Making a ticket purchase every month is an easy way to do that.” The two purchased their ticket on July 23rd.

When it comes to treating themselves, both said they really enjoy camping. “We love the outdoors so we’re going to use a bit to make that more enjoyable. Camping has been our getaway through all this.” says Mitchell.

This is the fifth consecutive record jackpot set by the Sault Area Hospital Foundation. Each month the prize has been higher than the last. “It’s incredibly positive. More and more people want to be part of the excitement as well as the cause, outstanding healthcare right here in Sault Ste. Marie,” said Teresa Martone, Executive Director of Sault Area Hospital Foundation. “Our entire community comes together to make this possible. Not only by purchasing, but by spreading the news.”

Proceeds from these 50/50 draws are used to purchase the critical medical equipment Sault Area Hospital needs to deliver outstanding care. Over $530,000 has been raised to date. Most recently, proceeds were used to purchase wireless cardiac monitors for the emergency and inpatient departments and an osmometer for the laboratory. “These are just the first of many purchases we will be able to make because our community’s support. We have more announcements regarding purchases to come as well as we will be reaching out soon to ask our community where they’d like to see the funds go. You make the support possible, so we want your input.” says Martone. “We are just finalizing the purchase of:

· smart IV pumps to deliver needed medication,

· specialized washers to sterilize equipment and keep our high standard of infection control,

· and defibrillators to resuscitate and save lives.

We will require $5 million a year in medical equipment to maintain and grow the services SAH offers and this 50/50 has shown it’ll bring our community together to purchase a significant portion this year.”

Tickets for SAHF’s August’s 50/50 draw are already on sale, and remain available online only. The prize is guaranteed at $9,999, but (as seen this month) can grow much higher. Tickets will be available for purchase until August 30th at 9 PM, and the draw will take place on August 31st at 11 AM.

SAHF 50/50 is supported by and Village Media, who are dedicated to making a difference in our community.

SAHF 50/50 tickets can be purchased by anyone 18+ years old within the province of Ontario at Visit the page regularly and follow us on Facebook ( to stay up to date on how high the current prize is.

On behalf of the entire community, thank you to all who continue to support. When our hospital is able to purchase equipment like this, we all win.

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