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Strong Girls support a Strong Community

Girls, ages 10-11, at Rosedale Public School participated in the Girls Run Strong program this year. The program saw these young girls, run a fundraiser that helped them become more confident, achieve goals, speak up and be awesome! The girls ran a movie night, where they showed ‘BFG’ to attendees. Serving snacks and beverages, the girls raised money to help others in our community.

The event allowed the girls to “be more confident and positive”, “believe in themselves”, “be calm and encourage each other”, overcome their fears and use team building skills”, and “make strategies to achieve goals.”

The program’s motto is to help girls ‘move forward’ physically and in confidence. The girls collectively agreed that they wanted to take the funds and donate them to help other in our community move forward. They wanted the funds to go toward Rehab and Complex Care to help those in our community trying to build their strength back up, to move forward.

Thank you, girls, for your generous gift as well as the message of strength.




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