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This Sault Area Hospital Nurse won $253,880 in the SAHF 50/50!

Katie decided to share her winnings with her mom, Vicky.

Katie relaxes in a chair with green foliage in the background.
Katie relaxes at her family's new getaway by the lake

Katie and Vicky were relaxing at home in Sault Ste. Marie when Katie's phone rang. Vicky remembers the moment that she heard the news, the shock on Katie's face as she turned to her mom. "When we got the call, I said, 'No... Someone was kidding!'" Vicky laughs.

The mother and daughter duo took turns purchasing tickets, promising to split the winnings if their numbers were chosen. But they never imagined that they would actually win.

"We bought the tickets to support the hospital," Vicky explains. "We never expected something like this!"

"I am a nurse, so I do see the benefit to patients." Katie adds, "It's amazing that our community has access to a CT Scanner and an MRI machine, it means that less patients have to travel for care."

Their winnings have benefitted them after a period of loss.

"My dad's name was Jamie. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2015." It was the same year that Katie graduated nursing school, and she was able to care for him up to his final days.

"She would be working, and see [Jamie] having his treatments... So we know first hand. We see the reason why it is important to buy this equipment, and help the people." Vicky adds.

Katie and Vicky used their 50/50 winnings to do the things that Jamie always dreamed of doing in his retirement. They have started to develop a plot of land that was in the family for years, buying a trailer and slowly making it into a peaceful place for the whole family to get together.

"It's nice to be able to make [the land] into something he would be proud of." Katie says.

You too have the opportunity to win big with the SAHF 50/50, and help your neighbours from across Algoma and beyond to receive outstanding care. Get involved today!


Your tickets help to fund vital equipment for Sault Area Hospital. Play today!




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