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Help bring more Bladder Scanners to SAH

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So much of the work that happens at our hospital depends on getting a clear picture of the inside of the body.

A bladder scanner is a type of portable ultrasound. It can help a nurse see the patient’s bladder.

This tool can measure how full the bladder is, and whether it can completely empty. This can help care providers decide if a patient needs a catheter or not. Avoiding a catheter can reduce the risk of infections and falls. It can also help ensure patients can get home faster.

Bladder scans happen at bedsides across the hospital. This is a “non-invasive” procedure: it happens on the outside of the body. Noninvasive procedures are often easier and more comfortable for patients.

“Bladder scanners are an amazing tool for nurses and we do require them for almost all units,” said

Karen Guzzo, Director of Clinical Programs at Sault Area Hospital. “The goal is to have enough that

a patient does not have to wait for the treatment they might need while the nurse goes to another

unit to get a bladder scanner.”

Each bladder scanner should last 10 years, and is in use every day – several times a day! With the support of our donors, we hope to continue to provide and replace these tools for our care teams.


Your support helps us bring vital medical equipment to our hospital.



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