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USW Local 2251 membership purchase cardiac equipment

Pictured above (L-R): Bob Roussain – Financial Secretary, USW Local 2251; Teresa Martone – Executive Director, Sault Area Hospital Foundation; Mike Da Prat – President, USW Local 2251; Mark Molinaro – Vice President, USW Local 2251

Steelworkers are at the heart of our community – and now they’re helping care for the hearts of our community, by purchasing new cardiac imaging equipment for Sault Area Hospital (SAH). The membership of United Steelworkers Local 2251 (USW Local 2251) have made a donation of $35,000 to Sault Area Hospital Foundation (SAHF) toward two new electrocardiogram (ECG) carts for our local hospital.

A new ECG Cart at SAH
A new ECG Cart at SAH

An ECG is one of the most common tests performed at SAH, with over 24,000 tests run each year. Using electrodes (patches stuck to the skin), an ECG measures the electrical activity of the heart at rest. There were 6 portable ECG carts purchased when the new hospital site on Great Northern Road first opened, over 10 years ago: one was replaced in 2018, two in 2020, and now USW Local 2251 has helped replace the final two. In appreciation of this donation, the membership of USW Local 2251 will receive room recognition in the hospital.

USW Local 2251 has a long history of supporting Sault Area Hospital Foundation. Their “Our Lotto” payroll lottery program brought together thousands of community members in support of healthcare, and raised over $400,000 in the two decades it ran. “Our membership supports a lot of community initiatives. We are committed to keeping our funds local, and that also means investing in causes that benefit this community. Supporting Sault Area Hospital and their ability to provide quality cardiac care is a great investment for our membership. We enjoy knowing that thousands of patients are able to stay here in Sault Ste. Marie now that cardiac care is advancing at our hospital,” said Mike DaPrat, USW Local 2251 President.

“The membership of USW Local 2251 represents a significant part of our community – thousands of hourly wage workers at Algoma Steel. We are honoured to have them, and their families, on our side as we continuously work to replace and upgrade the equipment at our hospital. Although we all hope we never need these services, it’s incredibly important to ensure our hospital is well-equipped should we, our family members, or our friends ever need it,” said Teresa Martone, Executive Director, SAHF. “Thank you to each and every member of USW Local 2251 for ensuring we can continue to keep patients close to their families while they receive cardiac care.”

On behalf of the Sault Area Hospital Foundation’s Board of Directors, Staff and all the patients this donation will impact, thank you to all the members of USW Local 2251 for ensuring the care provided at Sault Area Hospital continues to be outstanding.




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