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Wireless Cardiac Monitors - Purchased from SAHF 50/50 proceeds

Have you bought a SAHF 50/50 ( ticket before? Because, if you have, you're in our hearts today! ❤

Thanks to YOU, SAH has new wireless cardiac monitors.

These monitors allow healthcare teams to monitor the vitals of patients as they enter our emergency department and are admitted to our hospital. The information they capture is one of the first pieces in the puzzle to determine the diagnosis and potential treatment options for our loved ones. The new monitors are replacing old monitors that have been in use for nearly 10 years!

YOU made this possible. Since November, SAHF 50/50 has raised over $380,000 for our hospital. Every dollar raised through SAHF 50/50, and every dollar donated to the Sault Area Hospital Foundation, supports our local hospital and ensures our healthcare professionals have the tools to take care of local patients.

Today, outstanding local care is more important than ever. Thank you for making it possible! Get your tickets today at




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