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Over $300,000 for SAH Laboratory from lotteries

Between April 2022 and March 2023, over $300,000 was raised through SAHF lotteries to fund the purchase of new laboratory equipment. This investment has boosted the efficiency and accuracy of Sault Area Hospital's on-site laboratory.

The lab at SAH processes over 2 million samples each and every year, and plays a key role in almost every patient’s care. This behind-the-scenes area analyzes blood, fluid and tissue samples to provide key information to healthcare professionals. Care providers depend on quick and accurate data from the Lab to help them make informed decisions, track the progress of treatment, and determine next steps. Manda Rivers, Manager of Laboratory Services, commented:

"The Laboratory is so important for every diagnosis and treatment plan at Sault Area Hospital. We provide the data that informs physicians' decisions - without the laboratory, they would just be guessing."

The lab's new technology was largely funded by proceeds from SAH Foundation lotteries such as the SAH 50/50, 5 Car Draw, and Around the World Trip Draw. Thank you all of our lottery players for your support!

three images show people working in the laboratory, including a technician organizing samples, one operating equipment, and another sorting blood products in a refrigerator
Behind-the-scenes at Sault Area Hospital Laboratory

You support SAH Foundation when you play the SAHF 50/50.




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