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Technological leap for Sault Area Hospital Operating Rooms

Donations from our local community are modernizing Sault Area Hospital's Operating Rooms with new technology. Read on to find out more!

An inside look at one of the hospital's operating rooms: equipment surround an operating table
Candice Brown, RPN demonstrates placement of the Mini C-Arm for a mock hand surgery.

Support from our local community funded new technology: the OR Integration System for hospital Operating Rooms. Thank you to our supporters!

The OR Integration system has modernized the Operating Rooms, bringing the OR nurses, technicians, and surgeons a high-definition display and better technology.

During minimally invasive surgery (also called laparoscopic surgery), a number of tools help the surgical team to understand what is happening inside the body. Microscopes help surgeons get a closer look at their work, endoscopes show video footage from inside the body and X-ray machines show images of bone structure.

The OR Integration system has connected all of these tools with 4K TV monitors, meaning that everyone in the room is able to see what the surgeon is doing.

"The new monitors make a huge difference!" Says Candice Brown, RPN in the OR. "Now that I can see what the surgeon is doing, I can anticipate which tools they will need. It has improved the team's workflow."

The technological leap has boosted opportunities for teaching and learning. It has also connected software, helping the care team to access and record important information during surgery.

None of this would be possible without the local donors who continue to support our local hospital. Thank you!


Your donations fund the equipment that our Surgical Care team use every day.




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