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Surgical Care Upgrade at Sault Area Hospital

New technology has modernized all six operating room (OR) suites at Sault Area Hospital, benefiting both staff and patients.

Ryan Crozier, Surgical Program Business Analyst at Sault Area Hospital, explains that the new OR Integration system is a huge upgrade for Sault Area Hospital's Operating Rooms.

“The OR Integration System has brought a new way for the surgical team to visualize, share and capture information. Now, every team member can see exactly what the surgeon is doing.”

This new technology means that surgeons can now display images and video from equipment used in minimally invasive surgery (keyhole surgery) on 4K screens in the OR. Live footage from endoscopes (tiny cameras used to see inside the body), microscopes, and X-ray machines doesn't just help our care team - it provides endless opportunity for learning.

Sault Area Hospital is a teaching hospital. This recent upgrade means that our surgical team can show students exactly what is happening during an operation, helping them to learn these important skills.

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