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Help monitor babies... before they're born!

About 800 babies are born each year at Sault Area Hospital - but care for them starts well ahead of that. Fetal monitors are a crucial part of prenatal care. These tools help caregivers know what's going on with babies - before they're even born! This vital equipment helps monitor the baby throughout pregnancy, and is especially important for pregnancies deemed "high-risk".

During labour, fetal monitors track contractions of the uterus and the baby's heart rate. If there's any sign the baby is not tolerating labour, our care providers can intervene. This could be as simple as changing positions, or as significant as a C-section to get the baby out as quickly and safely as possible.

These monitors give care providers the information they need to make decisions in the care, treatment and next steps for their patients during pregnancy and labour.

Sault Area Hospital currently has 8 fetal monitors, and they used every day. Some are now 10+ years old, and will soon need to be replaced so our hospital can continue to provide the best possible care. Your support of SAHF helps deliver the tools our caregivers need - like these fetal monitors.


Your support can help monitor for complications.



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