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Magical Event Raises $44,402.68 for Cancer Care at SAH

Photographs provided by Brohart Family Photography.

The Hogwarts Alumni Volunteer Committee has concluded the year of Hogwarts-themed events, and donated $44,402.68 towards Sault Area Hospital Foundation's Cancer Care fund.

This donation comes from local support throughout the year, the Wee Wizard Tour and the Evening at Hogwarts Gala, which took place November 4th of 2023. Over 250 attendees joined the Goblet of Fire themed night, dressing in their best wizarding attire! This gift is largest to date from the volunteer committee, the result of the collective effort of the volunteers, sponsors, support local fundraisers, donors and participants. Including this year's gift, over $77,000 has been donated the past three years to support cancer care at Sault Area Hospital.

"Every year, we are inspired by our powerful, magical community of volunteers, participants, and supporters. Over 600 people and businesses make it all possible. Together, we help to care for those battling the curse that is cancer, by raising funds to ensure the equipment needed for cancer care is available at our local hospital. We are proud to support SAHF and celebrate the bravery of local patients and health care team members," shares Megan Becker, Hogwarts Alumni Committee Member.

Left, a woman with light brown hair wearing a witch's hat and green dress, standing next to a woman with white hair wearing green Slytherin school clothes.
Hogwarts Alumni Volunteers at the Patronus Luminous table.

The event on November 4th included an afternoon event, the Wee Wizard Tour and in the evening, a gala took place to wrap up the event. Participants to the Gala had a full adventure, experiencing the fourth book and movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. They were greeted with the major characters, in full costume, and received their very own Ollivander’s wand (presented by Interfor) that was used to travel through Platform 9 ¾, attend wizarding classes with challenges, and participate in the Triwizard Tournament (presented by USW Local 2724).

Witches and wizards enjoyed a delicious four-course meal prepared by the Machine Shop at the festive Yule Ball to celebrate their champions. Handmade decor and games included the Quidditch World Cup, the dragons, mermaids, and maze of the tournament, and participants shopped at locally-made treasures at Hogwarts-themed vendor shops.

Four long tables, each themed after the four Harry Potter houses (Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor) at the Machine Shop.
The Hogwarts Gala dinner

An annual highlight, the Patronus Luminous ceremony, had hundreds honour or remember loved ones affected by cancer with custom memorial lanterns. Professional photography from Brohart Family Photography was onsite to capture the magic, and a silent auction raised additional funds. Hufflepuff house members won the House Cup and an were honoured with an extra prize with their combined efforts in games and challenges winning the most house points! In order to accommodate families with children and those that couldn’t get a ticket to the sold out event, PUC sponsored the Wee Wizard Tour, which saw 200 experience a mini version of the event during the afternoon.

"It's wonderful that Hogwarts supporters have taken their passion for the Harry Potter world and created an annual fundraising event, inspiring hope, love and care for those battling cancer at Sault Area Hospital. The Hogwarts Alumni Committee's meaningful support of cancer care at SAH is what helps make local cancer treatment possible – so patients can get care close to home, supported by their loved ones," says Teresa Martone, Executive Director of Sault Area Hospital Foundation.

The Hogwarts Alumni Committee host this Hogwarts themed fundraiser annually, with each year being themed after one of the stories from the series. As the fourth-annual event, An Evening at Hogwarts: the Goblet of Fire, was a major success. Stay tuned for next year's event and help support local cancer care in a magical way! Thank you to all volunteers, sponsors and participants for contributing to this event, and helping SAH deliver outstanding care in our cancer program.


Local gifts help SAH ensure our cancer program delivers outstanding care.




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