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Magical Events Raise $31,422.94 for Cancer Care at Sault Area Hospital

On November 5th, “An Evening at Hogwarts, Prisoner of Azkaban” saw hundreds of witches and wizards come together in fun and magic. The event was the culmination of a series of Potter-themed fundraisers organized throughout the year. Outstanding local support resulted in an incredible donation of $31,422.94 for the Sault Area Hospital Foundation Cancer Care Fund.

A team of 13 people dressed up as characters from Harry Potter hold a cheque for $31422.94 for Sault Area Hospital Foundation.
Photographs provided by Brohart Family Photography. Cheque Photo: The Organizing Committee gathers in costume at the event, including: (Back L-R) Mandy Collins, Tanya Running, Kerry Grbich, Beth Gignac, Melissa MacKinnon, Erin Mackay, Theresa LeClair, Wanda Coutu, Judy Cruise (Front L-R) Lauren Werth, Marcie Slobodecki, Lee Rendell, Megan Becker.

Last month’s sold-out event had 150 guests of all ages attend the new “Wee Wizard Tour” during the day, while 224 guests attended the gala experience in the evening. The Machine Shop was transformed into the world of Harry Potter, where attendees in full costume attended Potions Class at Hogwarts, browsed the exclusive wares in Diagon Alley, and competed for the House Cup. They dined in a fabulous banquet hall, and went home with a swag bag full of goodies donated by generous sponsors of the event – attendees even received their very own magic wand.

Many guests were there to honour those who have been effected by cancer. A Patronus ceremony illuminated the evening with dozens of Patronus Luminous candles, each one lit to remember or honour a loved one and support outstanding cancer care in our community.

A view of the Machine Shop interior, where a vendor in costume polishes some magical wares in a booth designed to look like a magic wand shop
The Machine Shop was transformed into the world of Harry Potter

“Our volunteer committee has all been affected by cancer in some way or another, whether it be the loss of a loved one or having a loved one go through treatment. We are truly grateful for the interest and support we’ve received this year from local businesses, vendors and community members in our various events,” said Megan Becker, a member of the organizing committee. “This helps keep us motivated to continue our fundraising efforts to support the cancer journeys of patients at SAH. We are passionate to fundraise for such an important cause, all while bringing some joy and magic to the community through our events.”

Those battling cancer are often touched by many departments at Sault Area Hospital. Many need detailed medical imaging and specialized tests run in the hospital’s onsite laboratory. Their treatment may involve radiation therapy or require surgery. At every step of a patient’s cancer journey, the Sault Area Hospital’s team of doctors, nurses, specialists, and support workers need medical equipment to provide outstanding care. This medical equipment is available today thanks to the dedication and generosity of our local community, who come together to support Sault Area Hospital Foundation.

A baby carried by a man is dressed up as hedwig, Harry Potter's pet owl. The family walks through the machine shop, decorated as a banquet hall with long tables and string lights.
Even the littlest guests dressed up as characters from Harry Potter!

In addition to the events on November 5, many local businesses partnered to host magical fundraisers throughout the year. These “Support Local Series” partners were a new addition when gathering was limited due to the pandemic, but were such a success they have become annual favourites.

“Thank you to the organizing committee, the many volunteers, auction donors, vendors, sponsors, and of course, the attendees,” said Teresa Martone, Executive Director – Sault Area Hospital Foundation. “Your work has raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Sault Area Hospital Foundation Cancer Care Fund. This event just goes to show: when people unite, magic happens.”

On behalf of the Sault Area Hospital Foundation’s Board of Directors, Staff, and the patients this donation will impact, thank you to all involved in An Evening at Hogwarts; your support will ensure the cancer care provided at Sault Area Hospital continues to be outstanding.


Join in with your local community and give to Sault Area Hospital Foundation.




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