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Run the Great Lakes success for local charities

On 11th June 2023, more than 500 people (including 100+ kids!) took to the streets to run, jog, and walk in support of Sault Area Hospital Foundation and ARCH Hospice.

a group of children are standing on the starting line of a race. they are wearing race day t-shirts and runner numbers.
Children get ready to race at Run the Great Lakes

We are still smiling about this brilliant event! Last month, more than 500 people, participated Run the Great Lakes, supporting the Sault Area Hospital Foundation and ARCH Hospice. The event successfully raised over $25,000, which will be split between these two essential local charities.

SAH Foundation funds the purchase of critical medical equipment for Sault Area Hospital. This year, we are aiming to raise over $5 million - find out more about our current needs here.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the race, volunteered, and supported Run the Great Lakes! Your community spirit helps to make outstanding care possible at Sault area Hospital.

Check out some of the fantastic images we captured on the day of the race below!

A young boy wearing a "Run the Great Lakes" T shirt, red baseball cap, and and the number 262 is mid-air as he leaps across the finish line, accompanied by an adult dressed in black and smiling at him. "FINISH" is written across a large sign above the checkpoint.
"We did it!" a race participant jumps across the finish line.
People running along a path created from traffic cones. Leading the group is a gentleman with white hair and the number 761.
Runners race toward the finish line at Run the Great Lakes

People running on the road. A group of children watch from the sidelines.
Families cheered on the runners on race day

a group of people running and walking in the direction of the camera along a path defined by traffic cones
The 10K participants run toward the finish line.

Community support helps make outstanding care possible at Sault Area Hospital




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