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THANKS TO YOU: Sault Area Hospital will soon have a new C-Arm!

This spring, with the support of Clark McDaniel of Williams and McDaniel Property Management, we were able to offer a $100,000 matching campaign - raising funds for a new Fluoroscopy C-Arm for Sault Area Hospital.

An image of the Fluoroscopy C-Arm, a large piece of imaging equipment used in surgery. The shape of the equipment is like a letter "C." There is a separate component  that displays the x-ray images obtained by the equipment.
The Fluoroscopy C-Arm will be installed later this year.

The C-Arm is used during surgery to produce moving x-ray images. It allows surgeons to see inside the body in real time. It is critical for urology and orthopedic surgeries.

Dr. Anis Aziz, Urologist at Sault Area Hospital, commented on the importance of this equipment for his work.

"I use the C-Arm for 40% of my work. Without it, I would need to refer around 100 cases a month to out-of-town facilities."

With gifts from over 700 donors matched by Mr. McDaniel, we’re proud to share that the C-Arm has been fully funded!

If you’ve sent in a gift toward our new C-Arm: THANK YOU!

This project would not be possible without the generous support of hundreds of donors. We can’t wait to get the C-Arm into the surgical suites at Sault Area Hospital, later this year.


Your gifts support critical equipment for Sault Area Hospital.




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