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Your gifts support the smallest patients at Sault Area Hospital

For Meghan Beattie, the birth of her twin girls, Mila and Ivy, was filled with emotion.

Meghan wears a mask and sits on a chair between two infant incubators in the Sault Area Hospital NICU. She holds her twins in her arms.
Meghan cradles her twins in the Sault Area Hospital NICU.

The twins were delivered premature, at 32 weeks old and just 3lbs each. Throughout this stressful time, the outstanding care of the Sault Area Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) team helped put Meghan’s mind at ease.

“I felt comfortable and reassured during what was a really scary time,” Meghan says.

Mila needed special equipment to help her breathe, and Ivy needed extra oxygen. Both stayed in their incubators for three weeks. The NICU team was there to help every step of the way, providing support and care for both the babies and their mom.

Image of two babies, Mila and Ivy. They have sticky pads on their chest and stomach to monitor their vital signs, and are laying in an infant incubator.
Twins Ivy and Mila were in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at SAH for the first 3 weeks of their lives.

“I had so many issues and complications – I think I met every OB and paediatric nurse,” Meghan shares. “And they were wonderful. I was so scared, but they helped me to feel comfortable throughout our stay in the NICU.”

The team went above and beyond, making cards to celebrate milestones – such as when the girls came off oxygen or reached four pounds in weight. For Meghan, these gestures were incredibly important because they made her feel like a mom during a time when her babies were being cared for by so many professionals.

“When you’re in the NICU, everyone is doing everything for your babies. There aren’t many opportunities to take care of them as a mom. Celebrating little milestones was important to me.”

- Meghan Beattie, NICU Mom

Meghan is so grateful to the nurses who looked after her twins. She shared her admiration for each of them, like Carol, who played music for the NICU babies, Sienna, who showed the girls so much love, and Melissa, who knew everything there was to know. Martina, Kayla, Megan, and Ivy were also amazing, showing great professionalism and answering all of Meghan’s questions with care.

Your gifts help equip our NICU!

The amazing NICU team at Sault Area Hospital can only provide outstanding care when they have the right tools to do their job. Gifts from our donor community help to fund critical medical equipment such as the infant incubators that helped Meghan’s twins, Ivy and Mila, to thrive in their first few weeks.

Meghan is grateful to everyone who supports SAH Foundation.

“Thank you for supporting our hospital. It was life-changing to receive NICU care close to home. It meant that I could look after my four-year-old son, that my husband could continue working, and that I was close to the rest of my family and friends.”

John and Meghan hold the twins in their arms and stand in front of a sign that reads "hip hip hooray, I'm going home today!" in colourful lettering, surrounded by stars. an additional sign reads "NICU Grad!" and the babies' weight is noted - 3lbs 6 ounces and 3lbs 13 ounces.
Twins Ivy and Mila get ready to head home after their 3 week stay in the NICU - pictured with mom, Meghan, and dad, John.

Your gifts support patients at Sault Area Hospital. Give to SAH Foundation today.




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