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Your gifts save lives every day in the SAH Cath Lab

This story is featured in our Impact Newsletter.

February was Heart Month, so we asked we asked Lisa Barnett RN, Cardiac Care Coordinator, how your gifts helped the Cardiac Care Program.

"I joined SAH in 2007 and back then, we didn’t have a stenting program. We performed 1-4 angiograms a day and fitted pacemakers.” Lisa says. An angiogram takes an X-Ray of the heart, helping cardiologists to see any blockages.

As SAH didn’t have a stenting program, patients who needed stents would have to travel to another hospital.

“Patients would see a cardiologist, who would decide if they should stay at Sault Area Hospital to wait for a transfer, or go home and wait there.” Lisa shares. “Being told to go home and wait, after the doctor had found a blockage, was distressing for patients - and in an emergency, every minute counts.”

Now it’s a different story. SAH opened the Cath Lab in 2018, and we have performed 1,138 stenting procedures since then! Hundreds of people have been able to receive care close to home thanks to your donations.

“Your investment is so valuable. In the Cath Lab, we save people’s lives. We allow people to live longer,” Lisa comments.

Thank you for giving to SAHF!

Your Gifts Save lives in the SAH Cath Lab. Give Today.

This story is featured in our Impact Newsletter. Read the latest issue and see our archive.



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