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$3.2 million MRI Machine a key milestone for SAH Foundation

It has been a full year since the new MRI machine was introduced at Sault Area Hospital! This $3.2 million modern MRI machine is a big upgrade from the previous equipment, bringing improvements to medical imaging and patient care.

Image from inside the MRI room at Sault Area Hospital, with the MRI machine at the centre. The machine consists of a table for a patient to lie on, and a wide circular section for the patient and table to enter.
The new MRI Machine arrived at Sault Area Hospital in August 2022

One of the standout features of the new MRI is its increased scan speed. This improvement not only ensures a more comfortable experience for patients but also means quicker access to essential diagnostic information. Reduced scan times contribute to a more patient-friendly process.

Franci Rogers, Manager of Medical Imaging and Cardiac Combine at Sault Area Hospital, expressed her gratitude to donors who have made outstanding care possible by funding this cornerstone of local care.

“The MRI machine is an essential investment for the health of our community. With the latest technology, my team can provide outstanding care to patients who rely on this service. Thank you for your gifts – you have helped to bring vital equipment to Sault Area Hospital.“

As we celebrate one year with this upgraded MRI, we invite you to learn more about our achievements in the SAH Foundation Annual Report from 2022-2023. Discover the tangible impact of your support on our local healthcare. Join us in acknowledging this milestone and looking forward to a future of innovative care and continued community backing.

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