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Brookfield Renewable, support since 1988

Brookfield Renewable is a global renewable power producer that values active local involvement in the communities in which it operates. In the Algoma District, it owns and operates 16 hydropower generating stations and 1 wind farm, providing economic benefits but also supporting the communities through charitable giving and sponsoring numerous community activities.

Supporting initiatives that are important to its employees and its stakeholders is built in its business practices. Brookfield Renewable plays an active role in contributing to the quality of life as a whole, within its communities.

Healthcare is one of those investments that helps improve the lives of people and has been ongoing for years with Brookfield Renewable.

“For the healthcare in Sault Ste. Marie and the Algoma District to be of the highest quality, we need Sault Area Hospital to continue to advance and provide excellent care. We want our organization to support the purchase of new medical equipment not only for our employees and their families, but for the entire community. Healthcare is incredibly important and we want it to be available locally.” Jim Deluzio, Vice President Operations

Brookfield Renewable has made it second nature to enter into a pledge to support the purchase of whatever equipment is most needed at Sault Area Hospital. Time after time they complete one pledge and begin another. Their consistent giving has helped our community hospital stay up to date with growing equipment needs.

“We just want to keep as many patients close to their families as possible during care. Traveling for healthcare is a part of living in Northern Ontario, but keeping more people in our community, close to the care that family and familiarity brings, that’s why we do it.” James Neufeld, Dam Safety Engineer

Brookfield Renewable has been giving consistently to the Sault Area Hospital Foundation since 1988. Their gifts have helped purchase items such as a bedside Ultrasound for ER, Chemistry Analyzers for the SAH Laboratory, a Telemedicine Clinical Cart System, the new CT Scanner expected to be operational in the spring of 2018 as well as helping fund the building of this hospital and purchasing all the new equipment needed to take care of patients when it opened in March 2012.

“It feels great to know that the organization I work for supports something so close to me and my family. I am so grateful to be part of Brookfield Renewable and what they mean to our local healthcare.” Shannon Mitchell, Administrative Assistant




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