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Henderson has Heart!

Henderson Metal Fabricating show their dedication to building a stronger, healthier community through their funding of 10 vital signs monitors for Heart Month.

Vital signs monitors play a key part in patient care. Vital signs monitors provide some of the most basic measurements of a patient's health: their heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate and temperature. These key stats give care practitioners insight into a patient's cardiac and vital health.

Henderson Metal Fabricating Co. has stepped up to help Sault Area Hospital Foundation fund the replacement of these monitors - ensuring all patients are receiving top-of-the-line care. Their contribution of $33,250 will cover the cost of 10 vital signs monitors. These monitors will be used throughout the entire hospital, helping patients from all over the Algoma region.

“Our Henderson team cares. We all rely on the hospital, and its doctors and nurses, to have the tools needed to provide care for us and our families. For 70 years we’ve been living and working in our community, and for the past 50, we’ve been family-owned. Funding 10 monitors for Heart Month helps our community.” – Kerri Fryia, President & GM of Henderson Metal Fabricating

February is Heart Month; a time to raise awareness of cardiac care and health. We are celebrating construction community leaders, like Henderson, who are pledging their commitment to supporting local cardiac care through the funding of vital signs monitors.

We still need your help! While 35 monitors have been funded already, we are replacing all 123 at Sault Area Hospital. Construction industry organizations interested in funding a monitor can make their pledge throughout February. Visit to learn more.





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