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Local donations funded a new MRI machine!

The new MRI machine installed at Sault Area Hospital
The new MRI machine installed at Sault Area Hospital

Thanks to the support of hundreds of local people, Sault Area Hospital has installed a brand new MRI machine.

The MRI machine is in operation from 8am to midnight every day, serving hundreds of patients every month.

Not only is this a replacement of the 10-year-old machine, but it comes with many upgraded features.

The table, where the patient lies, is motorized - assisting the staff who push patients to and from the machine. This reduces the risk of injury for our care team, as they are not relying on physical strength to push patients all day! The table also moves up and down, which is a huge help for those with limited mobility. They can go from wheelchair to table more easily than before.

The new MRI machine benefits from 10 years of technological advancement.

Our Medical Imaging team told us that the new MRI machine produces much clearer images than the previous equipment. It has new features such as artificial intelligence and inbuilt sensors that make it easier for the team to determine a diagnosis.

Equipped with this new technology, our Medical Imaging team is able to provide outstanding care to Algoma residents.

A huge thank you to everyone who supports Sault Area Hospital Foundation. Your contributions mean that the whole community has access to the latest MRI technology.


You can make sure that every area of the hospital has the equipment they need to provide outstanding care. Donate to Sault Area Hospital Foundation today.




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