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PetSmart Donates over 1800 Stuffed Animals to Patients and Visitors at SAH!

Visiting the hospital can be a stressful experience - whether it's because you need care yourself, or are visiting a loved one who is getting care. A soft, cuddly stuffed animal can make a world of difference to patients of all ages, helping provide a little extra comfort.

Through their "Chance and Friends" Holiday Campaign, PetSmart locations can donate stuffed animals to various charities and organizations. Sault Area Hospital Foundation was chosen this year by our local PetSmart (located on Second Line East in Sault Ste. Marie) to receive over 1800 stuffed animals over the holiday season!

SAH Volunteers and security staff posing with "Chance" and friends!

"Chance and Friends" stuffed toys were distributed across the hospital, including the Emergency Department, inpatient units, Volunteer Information Desk, Occupational Health and Women's and Children's Health unit!

In addition to our on-site departments, stuffed animals were also brought to Northway Wellness Centre, where Elsie Ivic, one of the staff members shares the positive impact these gifts made:

Northway Wellness Centre staff posing with the toys donated by PetSmart.
Holding a stuffed animal close can help clients of all ages feel a sense of relief with anxiety, fear and uncertainty. The donation by PetSmart was met with gratitude and heartwarming smiles by Withdrawal Management clients and staff. Thank you for your kindness.

These stuffed animals also made a significant impact for SAH's volunteer services, who were able to offer them to people of all ages coming in through the main entrance. Volunteers shared many stories about the positive impact they made on patients and visitors, helping calm upset children or bringing smiles to faces of families.

Thank you once again to PetSmart staff choosing SAH, helping us bring joy to patients and visitors this holiday season.


Local gifts help SAH deliver outstanding care.




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