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Sault Area Hospital Volunteer Association Makes Significant Pledge to Cardiac Care Program

Through their incredible fundraising efforts this year, the Sault Area Hospital Volunteer Association (SAHVA) was proud to present a $123,000 donation to Sault Area Hospital Foundation last month. This donation represents almost half of their $250,000 pledge to support the expansion of cardiac care services here at Sault Area Hospital (SAH).

The SAHVA raises funds for SAH through events, lotteries, and gift shop sales. The SAHVA pledge was initially scheduled to be completed in three years, but thanks to a great year with incredible support from the community they are on track to complete it in record time.

“It really came down to the passion around this cause. People understand that this service has affected so many in our community. Each volunteer that was involved in these fundraisers is so proud of what they are supporting because we know the impact it will have on local patients. We all knew someone that had to travel for this procedure before, and we wanted to work to keep more families together here, close to home.” Peggy Storey-Inkster, Chair of the SAH Volunteer Association Executive.

Since the introduction of cardiac stenting (also known as angioplasty or Percutaneous Coronary Intervention) at Sault Area Hospital in August 2018, over 170 patients and their families have been able to stay in our community for life saving care.

“We aren’t willing to sit back and see patients leave our community for care that we could have here. That’s why supporting the Foundation is so important to us,” says Peggy.

“The Volunteer Association inspires us with their drive to help replace aging equipment, invest in new technologies and ensure that patients receive care here, near the support of family and friends.” Teresa Martone, Executive Director - Sault Area Hospital Foundation.

Sault Area Hospital has over 530 volunteers who give more than 67,000 hours of service to our hospital every year. Through their generous contributions of time and expertise, volunteers play a key role in delivering positive experiences for patients and staff at SAH. Thank you to each and every volunteer - your commitment has made a difference to so many.

Gifts like this one make an impact on local lives. To see the impact donations have had on cardiac care at Sault Area Hospital, watch this incredible video.




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