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"As I reflect on the past year, I feel so proud to be a part of the SAH Foundation

Teresa Martone, Executive Director, SAH Foundation

Teresa Martone
Executive Director, SAH Foundation

Together with our generous donors, Sault Area Hospital Foundation has made a significant impact on the care experience at Sault Area Hospital, benefiting thousands of Algoma patients. Every care experience is powered by teamwork. From surgeons to medical imaging specialists, emergency room physicians to lab technicians; every health professional relies on one another to provide care. In this amazing team effort, SAH Foundation donors play a crucial role. Gifts from donors fund medical equipment that our hospital workers need to make outstanding care a reality. Together, we brought a powerful new MRI machine to Sault Area Hospital, boosting patient care with advanced imaging technology. We helped to establish a much-needed Residential Withdrawal Management facility in Sault Ste. Marie, expanding mental health and addictions care. We super-charged the hospital’s on-site laboratory with $300,000 of new equipment, helping to improve the speed and efficiency of medical tests. And those are just some highlights from the year: there are many more! We are so grateful to everyone who supports local healthcare. Thank you, to the donors passionate about our hospital; to the organizations who support their employees’ health; to the lemonade sellers, sponsored skiers, and event planners who fundraise for SAH Foundation. It is thanks to you that our hospital thrives. In the following pages, you will find details of the key milestones we have accomplished together. As we celebrate our achievements, let us also look to the future with determination and a shared commitment to excellence. With your continued support, we can ensure that every person in Algoma has the best possible care. Teresa Martone Executive Director, SAH Foundation

"SAH Foundation
has been a shining light through dark times."

Anthony Pucci, Chair, SAH Foundation Board of Directors

Anthony Pucci
Chair, SAH Foundation Board of Directors

For the past few years, SAH Foundation and Sault Area Hospital have been working against a challenging backdrop. But throughout the chaos, the hospital has remained a beacon of hope for patients. In 2022-23, though the pandemic was in the rear-view mirror for many, Sault Area Hospital was still dealing with the aftermath. A backlog of patients who had delayed treatment through the pandemic, increase in demand for healthcare services, and staffing shortages were just some of the obstacles faced. Throughout, the hospital relied upon loyal SAH Foundation donors to ensure that physicians, nurses, and technicians had the equipment needed to meet these challenges. Equipment helps to attract new health professionals, to make services more efficient, and to meet the ever-changing needs of patients. As a member of the Board of Directors and of the SAHF donor community, I am proud to see the profound impact that giving has on local care. I hope that as you look through this report and read about the amazing things we have achieved together, you can share in that pride. It is thanks to your generosity that our hospital continually improves, regardless of the challenges we face as a society. Thank you for joining us and supporting local healthcare. Anthony Pucci Chair, SAH Foundation Board of Directors

"Donor support is vital for our hospital's success."

Ila Watson, President & CEO, Sault Area Hospital

Ila Watson
President & CEO, Sault Area Hospital

Every year, I am amazed by the commitment of partners and supporters of Sault Area Hospital. Your dedication to local healthcare ensures that the hospital can continue to provide outstanding care. Ila Watson President & CEO, Sault Area Hospital
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Key Milestones for 2022-2023

In 2022-23, SAH Foundation reached record-breaking income of $5.6 million. This has empowered the Foundation to fund millions of dollars in critical medical equipment,  and enabled Sault Area Hospital to reach key milestones for healthcare in Algoma. 

This year, construction began on the new Northway Wellness Centre in Sault Ste. Marie, enhancing the mental health and addictions care available to everyone in Algoma. A multi-million dollar MRI machine arrived at Sault Area Hospital, meaning that patients could continue to access the best possible care, close to home.  These, and many more achievements, would not have been possible without the support of SAH Foundation donors. 

Investment in residential withdrawal management

On April 25, 2022, the hospital began the construction and retrofitting of the $20 million Northway Wellness Centre in Sault Ste. Marie. This represents an important investment in response to a critical issue for families across Algoma.


One of our closest community partners, Algoma Steel, donated an amazing $1 million towards this project, enabling the construction of therapeutic outdoor areas. The facility is projected to open and begin providing specialist Mental Health and Addictions care in 2023. 

Withdrawal Management_web_edited.jpg

“Over the past ten years I have seen an increasing need for mental health and addictions care. Thankfully, I have also seen a united effort from our community to meet those needs. Thank you for supporting this vital new facility in Sault Ste. Marie.”

Lisa Case
Clinical Director,  Mental Health & Addictions Program 

Say "Hi" to our new MRI!

In August 2022, a new MRI machine arrived at Sault Area Hospital thanks to the unwavering support of SAH Foundation donors. This medical imaging equipment is crucial for diagnosing a wide range of issues and helping physicians to make informed decisions about patient care. 

The new MRI machine is an upgrade from the previous equipment. Integrated AI technology and high-definition imaging helps to boost the accuracy of results. Plus, an increased scan speed improves accessibility and patient comfort. 

This cornerstone of local care would not be here without the dedication of our donors – thank you!

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Franci headshot.png

“The MRI machine is an essential investment for the health of our community. With the latest technology, my team can provide outstanding care to patients who rely on this service. 

Thank you for your gifts – you have helped to bring vital equipment to Sault Area Hospital.“

Franci Rogers
Manager, Medical Imaging and Cardiac Combine

Key Milesones
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Critical behind-the-scenes upgrades

Some of our greatest investments for 2022-2023 were in areas that patients don’t usually see, but are crucial to the everyday functions of the hospital.


Over $300,000 of new laboratory equipment has boosted the speed of medical tests – so patients can get accurate results, quicker than ever. New sterilization equipment keeps the hospital running smoothly, ensuring that all medical equipment is cleaned to the highest standard after use. Plus, hidden software improvements in the Operating Rooms aid collaboration and efficiency of surgical procedures. 

Supporting on-site sterilization

Community giving supported the Medical Device Reprocessing Department (MDRD), responsible for washing, decontaminating, and sterilizing equipment for physicians’ use.


Though unseen by patients, this vital area guarantees that equipment is quickly available for all surgeries and procedures at Sault Area Hospital. The MDRD department also processes equipment for other local healthcare facilities.   

A technician loads surgical equipment into a sterilizing machine at Sault Area Hospital
Faster laboratory tests

The lab at Sault Area Hospital processes over 2 million samples every year and plays a key role in most patients’ care. This behind-the-scenes area analyzes blood, fluid and tissue samples to provide key information to healthcare professionals. This means physicians can make informed decisions, track the progress of treatment, and determine next steps for patients.


This year, $300,000 of new lab equipment was purchased with proceeds from SAHF lotteries such as the 50/50 and the annual 5 Car Draw. This equipment has boosted the efficiency and accuracy of medical tests, helping the hospital to continue to provide outstanding care. 

New technology modernizing the operating rooms

In each of Sault Area Hospital’s six operating rooms (OR), the surgical care team uses tools like microscopes, endoscopes, and x-ray machines to see inside the body while performing surgeries. However, until this year, the software used with these tools had limitations. The care team couldn’t access patient records during surgery or connect the equipment to external screens.

This year, SAH Foundation supported upgrades that have modernized the OR and addressed these previous limitations, bringing Sault Area Hospital in league with top hospitals in the province. 


The new OR integration system has connected the surgical tools to high-resolution 4K TV monitors. Now, physicians, nurses and technicians can perform procedures involving scopes in 4K clarity. Additionally, important information can be saved directly onto a patient’s medical record. This digital solution means that care professionals can access this information after the operation and provide the best possible ongoing care.


This enhanced software, though mostly operating behind-the-scenes, has boosted opportunities for collaboration, teaching, and learning during surgeries.

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Behind the Scenes
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Community Support

Community events were bigger than ever this year, with hundreds of people coming together to support SAH Foundation. Here are just some examples of the fantastic fundraisers held by communities across Algoma over the past year.

A group of 13 volunteers from An Evening at Hogwarts pose dressed as characters from the Harry Potte

“An Evening at Hogwarts, Prisoner of Azkaban” was a magical gala event attended by more than 220 enthralled guests and raised over $30,000!

Four employees from Arauco gather around a picnic table enjoying a barbeque.

Arauco employees held weekly barbecues alongside corporate giving toward local healthcare, bringing their total giving over 25 years to $400,000!

Representatives from Team Jacobs and SAH Foundation with a group of care professionals.

Team Jacobs reached an amazing $100,000 giving milestone with their annual Golf Classic. Their gifts have supported Women and Children’s Health, helping to purchase equipment critical to delivering care in this area.

Three children hold up a red, homemade sign that reads "We sell hot coco and cookies, all money goes

Amelia Richard, Nylah Braido and Mikaila Braido sold cookies and hot chocolate to support SAH Foundation!

Two children sit at a homemade lemonade stand in the sunshine with a large jug of lemonade.

Olivia and William Rathwell sold lemonade to support the Sault Area Hospital Cancer Care Unit!

A large group of small children are sat in a sports hall. They are dressed in red clothing to raise

Wear RED for Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) inspired the whole community to support. Above shows Holy Cross School, where the children are wearing red t-shirts to raise awareness of CHD.

A nurse and a young man smile behind face coverings and make two thumbs up at the camera.

18-year-old John Pierman raised $1,020 for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (CAP) by hosting the Mind Over Matter chess tournament. He poses with Mary Ann Ramsay, RPN in the CAP unit.

A group of 13 people in winter clothing and ski hats are cheering as they surround a poster for Ski

Ski the Trails brought together more than 75 skiers, snowshoers and fatbikers to complete a Hiawatha Highlands challenge, raising almost $30,000!

Eight men stand together and smile at the camera. They wear t-shirts with the words "I fight for..."

The Soo Greyhounds played a special “Hockey Fights Cancer” game, inspiring an arena of local fans to support SAH Foundation! All proceeds went toward Cancer Care at Sault Area Hospital.

Donor Community
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Together, we beat our target!

In 2016, SAH Foundation set an ambitious target: To reach income of $5 million every year. 

This year, almost 4,000 donors joined in and supported outstanding local care – and together, we met our $5 million target for the first time. We are so proud of this achievement. 

Every donation supports the purchase of critical medical equipment for Sault Area Hospital – helping to improve the lives of patients across Algoma.  






Summary of 2022-23 disbursements

SAH Foundation disbursed $3.2 million between April 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023. The Surgical Care department required almost 30% of these funds, supporting the first instalment of a much-needed software upgrade alongside other necessary enhancements. These included new surgical tools that increased the efficiency of ear, nose, and throat (ENT) procedures and a new microscope that helps surgeons to conduct delicate operations with great precision.

Surgical Care

Hospital Wide

Medical Imaging 


Critical Care

Women & Children’s Care

Sterile Processing

Cancer Care 




Complex Care








Urgent Needs





2022-23 deferred funding

Sometimes, funding is disbursed across multiple fiscal years due to delays in the procurement process.

This year, SAH Foundation funded $3.2 million of critical medical equipment and have deferred a further $1.3 million to be disbursed in 2023-24.

Hospital Wide

Surgical Care 

Mental Health &

Medical Imaging

Emergency Department


Women & Children’s Health


Critical Care  


Financial Summary

SAH Foundation relies on the contributions of generous supporters to make outstanding care possible at Sault Area Hospital.


This year, over $9 million in revenue was raised through charitable donations, gaming and events. 

Financials graph for blog-01.png
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Financial Analysis

SAH Foundation raised an incredible $5.6 million after expenses for critical medical equipment between April 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023. We owe this success to our fantastic donor community. 

Financials graph for blog-02.png

Events like the SAHF 50/50 and 5 Car Draw have high cash prizes that make up the majority of SAHF expenses.


This year, SAH Foundation awarded lottery prizes to more than 60 lucky players – and raised over $1,000,000 for critical medical equipment.

donations graph-03.png
Donation revenue by year (millions)
An upward trend

Donation revenue has increased every year for the past five years. We are so grateful to everyone who chooses to give, as every little bit helps.


We are excited to see an increasing number of community fundraising events, meaning that more and more people are getting together to share their passion for outstanding local care. Simultaneously, we are honoured to hold the trust of philanthropists and organizations who continually invest in the health of Algoma. 

Financial Analysis
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Exciting projects on the horizon!

For 2023-24, SAH Foundation is focused on ensuring that Sault Area Hospital’s care professionals have the tools they need to provide outstanding care. 

We aim to fund $5 million of new equipment. This includes: New patient monitoring systems and beds hospital-wide, to help to make hospital stays as comfortable as possible. The refurbishment of three Medical Imaging examination rooms to bring high-definition imaging and faster diagnostics. Plus, replacement equipment for specialized departments to ensure that local care continues to be exceptional for all who rely on Sault Area Hospital. 

Current Needs: 2023-2024

A quarter of funding will go towards essential equipment for patient care, such as hospital beds and vital signs monitors. 

blue icons-rounded-09.png
blue icons-rounded-06.png
NEW ICONS-02.png
blue icons-rounded-04.png


$1.37 million

Medical Imaging 


Cancer Care


Surgical Care


blue icons-rounded-05.png
blue icons-rounded-08.png
blue icons-rounded-07.png
blue icons-rounded-02.png

Critical Care


Women & Children's Health


Mental Health & Addictions




NEW ICONS-03.png
blue icons-rounded-03.png

Senior's Care and Transitions




An additional $1.16 million for financed equipment

By spreading equipment costs over multiple years, SAH Foundation ensures that our resources can cover significant investments, such as the recent $3.2 million MRI machine, alongside other equipment needs of Sault Area Hospital. 

For 2023-24, we have committed to raising $1.16M to fund the below projects:

  • MRI Machine

  • Medication Dispensing Cabinets

  • Interventional Radiology Suite

  • Catheterization Lab Replacement

  • Patient Monitor Replacement

  • Sterile Processing Equipment

  • Picture Archiving and Communications System

  • Fluoroscopy Room

  • Anaesthetic Gas Machines

  • Smart IV Pumps

  • Minimally Invasive Surgical Instruments

  • Defibrillators

  • Medication Packager

A transformative vision for Medical Imaging

This image shows Alissa Perri, MRT, standing in front of Sault Area Hospital’s Interventional Radiology (IR) Suite. It was installed in 2011, when the hospital first opened – meaning that the equipment in the suite is now more than 12 years old and reaching the end of its useful life. The replacement of the IR Suite is one of several transformative projects that SAH Foundation aims to fund in 2023-24. 

A new, multi-million-dollar Interventional Radiology Suite, Fluoroscopy Room and Radiology Room will empower the Sault Area Hospital care team with accurate, high-definition x-ray imaging. This will help to diagnose and treat medical issues, ultimately improving quality of life for those rely on medical imaging services. 

Current Needs

We aim to raise $5 million every year

Advances in technology continuously raise the bar for patient care, hospital efficiency, and staff safety. To keep up with these high standards, Sault Area Hospital must have the latest medical equipment. 

That is why SAH Foundation aims to raise an average of $5 million every year. This funding ensures that Sault Area Hospital can replace aging equipment, purchase innovative technology, and expand services where possible. 

This ambitious vision cannot become a reality without your support. When you stand with SAH Foundation, you play a crucial role in shaping the health and well-being of everyone in Algoma. Together, we can ensure exceptional care for all, making a lasting impact on patients’ lives.

SAH Foundation Mission and Values

Our Mission is:
We will inspire donors to join us in raising funds for Sault Area Hospital to ensure the delivery of outstanding care, close to home.

Our Values are: 
We will honour the trust our community places in our work.

We care about the well-being of our community.

Collaboration + Partnership
We value the commitment of our donors, volunteers and stakeholders.

We are dedicated to being fiscally responsible with the funds entrusted to us by our donors. We are accountable to our stakeholders.

We place a high value on donor relations. Our decision-making revolves around the need to engage and inform.

We encourage innovation. We aim to achieve our goals through resourcefulness, patience and hard work.

2022-23 Board of Directors

Anthony Pucci, Chair
Paul Skeggs, Vice Chair
Laurie Burrows, Treasurer
Ashlee Gerard, Secretary
Dr. Dante Carlascio
Derek Jackson
Bill Kerr

Amy Wheeler Reich
Sonny Spina 
Dr. Laura Stone
Gary Trembinski
Ila Watson, President & CEO – SAH
Teresa Martone, Executive Director

About Us
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